"The creep behind the camera is funny, scary and dark. Vic Savage makes Ed Wood look like Ward Cleaver."
Trace Beaulieu, Dr. Clayton Forrester - MST3K

What is it???

The true story of Vic Savage, aka AJ Nelson and the making of his monster opus The Creeping Terror (1964) is told in the narrative dark-comedy The Creep Behind the Camera. Psychopath director AJ - with his battered wife Lois in tow - travels from a bakery in Connecticut to sleazy underground Hollywood with the dream of making monster movies... encountering desperate actors, drugs, prostitution rings lead by old ladies, murder and even Charles Manson along the way. A hilarious and wholly disturbing look at human nature and delusional demagoguery, The Creep Behind the Camera is a rollercoaster ride that takes a nostalgic but cautionary look at the era of drive-in cinema at its very worst.
"The story must be told. The Creep Behind the Camera promises to be a fascinating journey into the twisted mind behind what many believe is the worst movie ever made"


What the critics are saying?

Imagine Film Festival
"On first glance it’s the hilarious tale of the making of one of the worst movies in history, but below the surface it’s a sordid nightmare of fraud, spousal abuse, violence and much much worse. You didn’t pull any punches and that’s what makes The Creep Behind the Camera so much fun!"
Roel Haanen ~ Programmer for Imagine Film Festival, Amsterdam
Fantasia Fantastic Film Festival
"I can't say how much I enjoyed this fascinating tale of madness. I was laughing all the time as well as being engaged by what is in many ways a tragedy. The lead is marvelous in a bipolar performance and the sense of rhythm gives him the chance to shine."
Simon Laperriere~ Programmer for Fantasia Fantastic Film Festival, Montreal
Sci Fi London Film Festival
"Both disturbing and funny, this film shows just how murky the film industry used to be, and one suspects it hasn’t really changed that much. A real delight, not to be missed by any cult film fan."
Louis Savvy ~ founder, Sci Fi London Film Festival